Complete Working Process of Gravity Based Water Purifier

The basic working process of the gravity based water purifiers follows the formula same as the osmosis process. In the gravity based water purifiers dirty water or saline water is passed to the layer from the top tank to the bottom tank via the layer.

Apart from that, the gravity based water purifiers do not use the electricity to operate, but as an alternative of that, they use an activated carbon to absorb the dust particles in the water. An activated carbon is made from many small parts of carbon Internal Fed Water Gravity Systemgranules which absorb the impurities present in the water.

The UF contains a bunch of hollow fibers of the membrane. Whereas the water passes via the hollow fiber materials, the impurities in the water will stick to it. The working of gravity based water purifier is filtered by using a normal gravity process from the higher point to lower point, without any help from any external forces.

The biggest advantage of this gravity based filter is it will work without electricity. Here the water flows from top compartments to bottom compartments naturally. Normally these kinds of water purifiers are used to filter the water which depends upon microfiber mesh, activated carbon filtering and some other type of polishers that removes the residual chemicals.

The fiber mesh is the type of cloth that eliminates the visible dust particles and other particles from the water. The activated carbon module will help to remove any other dust particles, parasites and pesticide impurities from the water.

After that, the polisher modules eliminate the chlorine or other undisclosed chemicals. Apart from that this kind of modules with some gravity based water purifiers comes with a UF technology to clean the water, you can go for buying it also to get a pure water in your company or office.

The gravity water filtration system is available for household operation too. There are two main types of gravity filtration systems for house purpose such as externally fed and internally fed.

External Fed Water Gravity System

If the person already has mains water coming to a property or External Fed Water Gravity Systemhave a wild source of water with a pump, then you can able to install an externally fed gravity system. The top tank of this system is fed with water, that goes via the filters and a bottom tank holds the water.

The purified water can then be fed into the home with the aid of a pump or gravity. This water can be used for all purpose in the house hold.

Internal Fed Water Gravity System

Most of the homes only need a countertop system.  This kind of systems will work in the same way, but it sits on a countertop or a small table.

In this systems, particulates, and viruses which are removed from the water. By the time has passed, via the entire tank system it is safe to drink. Some of the communities in wilderness areas still set this system up. Whatever it is the majority of this type of system where each household has their own on-site for filtration systems.