Basically, the water is one of the important sources in our daily life but not at all water sources are good to drink why because some of them hold with several types of harmful bacteria. One of the best ways to remove the bacteria is called the water purifiers. Furthermore, with the help of this article, we have to talk about the ultimate guide to backpacking water purifiers.

Why Treat Water in the Backcountry?

Normally, drinking the untreated of the backcountry water is not safe for your health. In case, if you wish to drink the water in the backcountry, then use some methods like filtering, boiling or use the chemical treatment to get the hygienic water.

Is There a Difference Between Filtered and Purified Water?

Normally, the water filter process is otherwise called as the chemical process. It helps to remove the impurities or chemicals in the water with the help of the physical barrier. On the other hand, when it comes the water purifier is mainly used to purify the water. Moreover, it has the ability to removes the chemicals, gases, suspended solids as well as the biological contaminants.

Backpacking Water Treatment Systems:

Commonly, there are several types of backpacking water treatments systems are available. The explanations of these systems are as following under,

Backpacking Water Treatment

Boiling Water treatment:

In this water treatment, you should boil the water up to 3 minutes completely so it helps to remove the impurities. Moreover, you can use your stove and a small pot to purify the water.


It offers the hygienic water to drink.


It requires more time to treat the water.

Chemical Water Treatment:

This is one of the effective methods to treat the water. With the help of this effective method, we can remove the protozoa as well as the bacteria completely.


This method is easy to use.


You should wait to drink the water up to 30 minutes.

Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment:

If you want to effectively remove the bacteria and viruses from the water, then this chlorine dioxide water treatment is the best.


It is safe and also simple to use.


It is a highly expensive method.

Pump Filter Water Treatment:

At first, connect one end of the hose into the water source and the other end to the water bottles or reservoir. After that, pump the water so it will be purified using the filter.


It is easy to use.


It is heavy in weight so handling is tough.

Squeeze Filter Treatment:

It is same as the bottle filter but only the difference is you should squeezing the water with the help of the filtration element using the small reservoir.


This model is inexpensive.


It takes too much of time to drink the water.

Gravity Filter Treatment:

In this model, with the help of the gravity force, you should filter the water. At first, fill the water into the reservoir then hang it properly. After that, using the filter, you can purify the water easily.


It is quite easy than another model.


This process is too slow.

Straw Filters Treatment:

When comparing to the other model, you can directly treat the water from the water source with the help of the straw filters. Moreover, it does not take more time to purify the water.


After filtering the water, you can drink it without waiting.


It is quite costly.

Water Bottle Filter Treatment:

When it comes to this method, the water bottle is initially attached to the purification element. When you sip the water, it will directly filter the water using the suction force.


It is replaceable.


The bottle can consume an only small quantity of the water.

Ultraviolet Purification Treatment:

Purchase the pen style of the ultra-violet device then immerse it into the water. After then push the start button and stir it well. Within 60 seconds of time, the UV light will be turned off. It indicates you to the water will be treated to drink.


It is less in weight.


This treatment requires batteries.

What is Filter Media for Water Filters?

Generally, the PTS is the acronym of the Nalco Pretreatment solution. It is one of the top quality water filter media distributors to all commercial as well as the industrial filtration systems.

Some of the filter media are fine sand filter media, greensand, garnet filter media, charcoal, and coconut shell filter media etc. These are the most effective methods to filter the polluted water.

Backpacker Types:

Commonly, there are several types of backpacker types are available. Some of them are the party animal, the flashpacker, the hippie, old dude, bragger, sleeper and a downbeat wimp. Surely, these types of backpacker you will meet while you traveling.

The Best Backpacking Water Purifiers

Do you want to know the top quality products of the water purifier? If so, then read the following points carefully.

Best Water Treatment

The following products are the most effective products. These are specially used to filter the water using the normal water treatment methods.

Aquamira Water Treatment Drops

Are you seriously suffering from the polluted water? If so, then buy the wonderful products of the Aquamira Water Treatment Drops. It is less expensive and also it is suitable to perform a longer period of time.


Kills bacteria:

Generally, it contains the chlorine dioxide. With the help of this chlorine dioxide, it kills the bacteria and the microorganisms into the water. Moreover, it helps to enhance the taste of the water.


This product is less expensive.


The pack is small in size.


However, if you want to remove the bacteria without affecting the taste of water, then buy this product and enjoy the hygienic water.

Potable Aqua Water Tablets

Generally, the main specialty of this treatment is within 30 minutes of time, it will purify the water.


Great quantity:

This tablet comes at an affordable price in the market. Moreover, each bottle contains 50 tablets so you can easily purify the 25 liters of water 3 with the help of it.


The water is quickly ready to drink.


It is tough to use.


However, this tablet is effectively used for the military force as well as the all emergency organization through the world.

Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets

One of the trusted and the lowest price of the purification tablets are called the Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets.

Good taste:

This tablet can able to purify any of the polluted water. In addition, the single offers the 100 tablets so you can use it for a longer period of time.


It acts as quickly.


The purification time is high.


Are you arrested in hurricanes, tornados or floods? If so, then buy this emergency purification tablet and drink the tasty water.

Best Pump Filters

Do you like to use the pump treatment method to purify the water? If so, then the following products are suitable for you.

Katadyn Hiker Microfilter

If you want to purify the water quickly using the pump filters method, buy this Katadyn Hiker Microfilter.

Great quality:

This filter looks like the small pouch so you can handle it easily with heavy grip. Moreover, it is made using the good quality materials so it helps to prevent your hands from the heat while you purify the water.


It is easy to use.


You should put little effort to get the effective result.


However, the weight of this pouch is less so you can easily carry it with your backpack.

MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter

It is one of the mini size pump filters in the open market. In addition, it is suitable to use all types of the backpacker.


Normally, this pump filter uses the carbon element so it can able to clean the water completely and also it removes the odor and taste in the water.


It can able to purify 1 liter of water within a minutes.


Maintenance is tough.


However, if you want to enjoy the bacteria free water, then purchase this lightweight filter and enjoy the warranty support.

OUTAD Water Purifier

Generally, this purifier can able to purify the water up to 1500 liters easily. Additionally, it does not require any chemicals or chlorine powder to purify the water.



It is lightweight in design so it is suitable to use for all outdoor process like camping, hiking, and trekking. Moreover, it removes the 99.9% of bacteria in the water so it helps to prevent the diseases of cholera and diarrhea.


It is convenient to use.


Warranty is not enough to use.


In summary, this filter is suitable to use all places like lake, river, streams as well as ponds.

Best Squeeze Water Filters:

You all know that one of the effective methods to filter the water is called the squeeze method.  The best products to use the squeeze methods are as follows,

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Generally, this is one of the small and also the convenient filter in the open market. It is easily fit into your hands.

Easy filter:

With the help of the squeeze pouch, you can easily sip the water from the bottle. To get more comfort, it allows you to screw the filter to some other soda or water bottles.


It is suitable to use anywhere.


It does not last for longer period of time.


Lastly, fill the water directly from the lake and use this filter to purify the water.

Sawyer Squeezable Pouch filters

To get more comfort, the company offers the 2 pair of squeeze filter at an affordable rate.



This pouch is mini in size and also it allows you to fill the water into the pack easily within few seconds. Moreover, it is easily foldable so you can store it using the hand pouch as well.


It is reusable.


It can able to holds less amount of water.


Furthermore, purchase this easier pack of the filter and enjoy drinking the pure natural water.

Sawyer PointONE Squeeze Water Filter System

Are you looking for the durable and also reusable type of the filter pouch? If so, then buy this Sawyer PointONE filter system.

Strong pack:

The filter pack is strong and also it is nonbreakable. To get more comfort, the company provides the squeeze bag with a water bottle. So, squeeze the water and filter it. After that, use the water bottle to store the water for later use.


It comes at a reasonable price in the market.


The life warranty is low.


Moreover, the main specialty of this product offers the quality water bottle. With the help of it, you can store more than 2 liters of water.

SAWYER Mini Water Filter

Normally, this mini pack of this filter is suitable to use for the international travel. In addition, it does not only remove the bacteria in the water but also it can able to remove all protozoa.

Quality drinking pouch:

The company provides the drinking pouch, water bottle with a straw. With the help of this straw, you can directly drink the water from the bottle after filter it.


It controls the harmful spreading diseases by water.


It requires the high maintenance.


Lastly, buy this pouch filter and enjoy your camping with it.

Best Gravity Water Filters

If you don’t know how to choose the gravity water filter products in the market, then pick any one of the below-recommended filters.

Sawyer Products SP160 Gravity Water Filtration System

One of the top leading gravity water filter products is called the Sawyer SP160 why because it is durable and also it is a comfort to use.


High performance:

This gravity pouch contains the 1 gallon of the reservoir so you can filter more than 3 liters of water. Additionally, it is easy to operate why because the materials allow you to remove or assemble it easily.


You can fill the water into the pouch easily.


The hose of this filter is very small.


However, the company provides all necessary components of the cleaning plunger and coupling, hose with adapters.

Platypus GravityWorks 4.0L Filter System

Are you looking the hanging type of the filter system without pumping? If so, then this Platypus is the best option for you.

Effective cleaning:

The company offers the 2 hanging bag. You should fill the dirty water in one bag. With the help of the gravity force, the water will be purified using the filter and the purified water will be filled automatically in another bag.


It completely removes the odor of the water.


The process is too slow.


However, the bag of this filter consumes 8 liters of water so it is suitable for trekking as well as the hiking.

Katadyn Gravity Filters

Normally, this Katadyn Gravity filter is one of the leading gravity filters in the marketplace. Moreover, the company provides this filter at an affordable rate.

Long life time:

You can simply purify using this filter more than the 1500 liters of water. Furthermore, it cleans the protozoa in the water without removes the taste.


The material is good in quality.


It is difficult for storage.


Buy this hands-free filter and enjoy your camping with your friends.

Platypus 2L Gravity Filter

The most popular water filter of this platypus offers the ultra-comfort to handle. Additionally, the company offers the flexible water bottle with 2L water capacity.

Easy cleanable:

It is not only easy to use but also you can clean the whole filter system easily without using any solution.


It offers the 100% purified water.


The hose of this filter will easily breakable.


However, this filter can able to filter the water within 4 seconds of time.

LifeStraw Gravity Filter

One of the best filters for the family camping in the open market is called the Katadyn Gravity filter.

Low maintenance:

The reservoir can able to hold up to 5 liters of water. Moreover, it allows you to hang it on the tree using the hooks.


It can able to works without using the batteries.


The quality is not good for long term use.


Finally, buy this portable filter system and purify more than 18,000 liters of water.

Best Straw Water Filters:

When comparing to the other filter system, it is very simple to use. Let’s we talk about the 4 awesome products of the straw filter system.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Generally, this is one of the simple and effective designs of the straw water filter. To get the additional benefit, the company offers the 3 filter at the same rate.

Infinite life time:

It is reusable. It can able to filter the water without using the chemicals so surely, it is safe to drink.


It offers the infinite life to use.


It does not clean all bacteria completely.


If you want to purify the water at an emergency situation, then use this filter to clean it.

WINSEE Personal Water Filter

Generally, with the help of this WINSEE water filter, you can clean 1000 liters of water without using the chemicals.


It is made using the strong metal so it is convenient to carry at anywhere you want. Moreover, it reduces the bacteria up to 99.9%.


The filter is easy to clean.


It takes too much of time to filter the water.


Finally, it allows the user to directly straw the water into the any of the outdoor water sources.

BlizeTec Filter Straw

Do you want to use the quality made of the filter straw? If so, then this BlizeTec filter straw is a good product for you.

Regular use:

The high-quality of the materials allows you to use it on the daily basis. Additionally, it can able to purify a large amount of water when compared to the other straw filter.


It is suitable to use everywhere.


It takes more time to kill the microbes.


Without any doubt, buy this super straw filter and enjoy your trekking.

TrekUltra Personal Water Filter

Would you like to buy the pocket storage of the straw filter? If so, then pick this TrekUltra water filter.

Compact size:

The effective straw filter has the ability to clean the bacteria in the water and it gives the fresh feel to drink.


It completely removes the chemicals and other impurities.


The filter will easily damage.


What is more? Carry this straw filter for your hiking and enjoy the fresh drinking water.

Best Water Bottle Filters

One of the safest and the portable types of the water filter system is the water bottle filter system. Here we discuss the top 4 products of the water bottle filters.

Thermos Water Bottle Filter

Generally, this thermos water bottle filter is one of the effective and attractive designs of the water filter.


The portable water bottle filter not only clears the bacteria but also it helps to reduce the contaminants.


It offers the one-hand operation.


The water carrying capacity of this bottle is low.


However, you can assemble the bottle and the lid easily after washing it.

Woder Water Bottle Filter

This Woder water bottle can able to hold a large amount of water easily and also it has the ability to filter any of the outdoor polluted water.

High performance:

The filter in the water bottle removes chemicals, odors, taste, and metals without using any chemical powder.


It is suitable to use for multi-purpose.


This bottle is high in cost.


However, order this water bottle filter through online and save the money from your budget.

Brita Sports Water Bottle Filter

Based on the comfort of the customer, the company offers the 2 pack of the water bottle filter at the single package.

Quality bottle:

The design is gorgeous and also it is nice to handle. Moreover, the water carrying capacity is high.


It is washable.


It is expensive.


If you want to get the long lasting performance, then try to replace the filter for every 2 months.

Luxtea Water Bottle Filter

The fantastic design of this Luxtea water bottle filter is suitable for the portability and also it offers the strong grip to use.

Quality hand strap:

The fashion design of this bottle comes with the quality strap so you can carry it easily. In addition, the bottle is flame resistant.


It is made using the strong stainless steel.


Life time warranty is low.


If you are decided to go for the international trip, purchase this water bottle filter and enjoy the hygienic drinking water.

Final Verdict

In the final analysis, a water filter is one of the most useful equipment. If you want to stay away from the diseases, then buy the filter and use it. Furthermore, analyze which type of the filter you want. Based on that, buy any one of the above-recommended product if you want to enjoy the quality one.